black barn house, worcestershire


A self-build home for a couple and their young family on a very tight plot.  The planning department stipulated that a bungalow should be built on the site but accepted the proposed room-in-the-roof arrangement.  The need for a three-bedroom house conflicted with planning department and physical space restrictions, leading to a design where literally no space could be wasted


A Structural Insulated Panel System [SIPS] was chosen to simplify the build process and reduce the programme.  Extra insulation was added to walls and roof to improve the thermal performance.  This was faced with brickwork and natural slate roofing to meet planning department requirements.  Limitations on the numbers and positions of windows were overcome by the use of full-height windows, obscure glass blocks and roof lights


A large [2m x 2m] sliding glass door brings light into the family room and opens onto the garden